Upside Partnership is a true seed-stage investment firm building a portfolio of purpose-built founders creating high potential companies. By making each founder a partner in the fund, we create a community of people who uniquely understand each other’s challenges and participate in each other’s success.


Our mission is to form trusted partnerships with founders as they begin to craft meaningful, lasting businesses and to create a community where each member is building toward the others’ success.

There has been a change in seed funding. Funds are getting larger and larger, which has driven a shift in fund economics and ownership targets. At Upside Partnership, we’ve purposefully built a smaller fund, which allows us to be thoughtful and deeply involved on a person-to-person level at a company’s most nascent stage.


Kent Goldman is the founder of Upside Partnership, a true seed-stage investment firm. Kent has been partnering with founders since seed investing became a category. He has had the opportunity to work alongside founders who have spawned more than 200 companies. In 2015, he was named to the Midas Brink List.

Kent was formerly a partner at First Round Capital, where he led investments such as Airware, Artillery, Cabana (acquired by Twitter), Cluster, Hotel Tonight, HotPotato (acquired by Facebook), Liftopia, MemSQL, MessageMe, Path, Storenvy and Threadflip. He also served on the board of Mashery (acquired by Intel).

Earlier in his career, Kent was a member of Yahoo!’s corporate development team. He also led business strategy for Yahoo! products generating $1 billion in annual revenue.

Kent Goldman